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So, turns out edging for about four days is not a good plan when you’re trying not to cum.

One thing that has been really amazing about cutting back on how often I jerk off is that when I do, I can get a lot harder and stay harder with much a much subtler touch than I normally do. Something that I wasn’t able to do as well before was just rub my fingers over the corona (the flared out part at the base of the head), lubbed up with precum, and feel myself right on the edge. I mean I’ve always done something like that, but the sensations are way more intense when I’m that hard and, I suppose, because I get it much more rarely.

I did plenty of edging since January and always managed to hold off, but I think once you add the fact that I had just cum the previous week for the first time in 78 days, my body remembered what it was like and really, really wanted to do it again.

So, short story is that my will-power went completely out the window. I guess we’ll call that #4. When I say completely out the window I really mean it, so I’m definitely cheating a bit here, but given that whatever happened was all part of a single binge, I think I’m still in the spirit of things. Maybe. I’m going to tell myself that at least.

Number of times cumming in 2014: 4 (only 8 left!)
Time without cumming: 0 days, 0 hours
Longest time without cumming: 78 days, 1 hours
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