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This afternoon TRADE threw me what has got to be one of the best birthday parties I’ve ever had.

Ok, so it wasn’t really for me, but it was an awesome party and it happened to be on my birthday, so I’m taking it for my own.

When I got to the bar, the place was empty, except for a line waiting to get upstairs to the patio. I had left my phone at home, not wanting to worry about where to put it if I suddenly found myself without pockets, so I didn’t even know for sure if my friends were there. The last thing I wanted was to wait half an hour and pay cover only to find out that I didn’t know anybody up there. The line turned out not to be so bad, though, when two thugish looking twinks in front of me basically started fucking just to pass the time. I didn’t mind sticking around to watch that.

When I finally did get upstairs, I found a patio full of hot guys, almost none wearing shirts and some not in shorts either, and right as I walked in a friend of mine was standing right there getting a blowjob from this cute scruffy guy. I walked right up and said my hellos, as if the blowjob happened was no big deal, and my friend introduced the scruffy guy to me. I forget his name now (I’m thinking maybe Leon?) but I remember having lots of fun with him. As soon as we were introduced, he grabs my cock, pulls it out of my shorts, and goes down to suck it. What a greeting to the party!

It’s wasn’t a complete orgy or anything, but I was hard most of the time and saw (and took part in) a fair number of blowjobs happening. It was also fun just spending time with some good friends, and some new friends. There was one guy in particular that I was really crushing on (still am, actually) and was thrilled to get to know him a bit better. Not to mention seeing get a little slutty himself (in the best possible ways).

As the night wore on, the TRADE event technically ended, although the scene on the patio was exactly the same. The only difference was that the bounces started breaking up blowjobs. It was a little weird that at 8:59 you could suck all the cock you wanted out in the open but at 9:00 you couldn’t. Maybe because they stopped warning people at the door to the bar what they might find inside.

In any case, we hung around a bit longer, but soon I was starting to feel really beat, and it was time to head out. My blowjob friend from the beginning of the night was still hanging around, and feeling each other up, he offered to come home with me. At this point, I should mention, he was down to just a pair of red spandex shorts, and the exhibitionist in me was really turned on by the fact that he had nothing else to wear until he got back to his hotel. I was really tempted to bring him with me, but at the same time I’m not really a take-them-home kind of guy (once home in private I’m more interested in other things than getting off, whereas I really get off on the sexual dynamics of a group of uninhibited friends at a bar). So I turned him down and went on my way to get some much needed rest on my own.

Though I didn’t get off, I had a hell of a good time. It was definitely one of the highlights of World Pride.

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I gave the TRADE party a second go last night and had a pretty good night, much better than the first time.

I didn’t think I was in the mood for exhibitionism, and wanted to save my leather gear for next week’s BlacKKnight party anyway, so didn’t put much thought into my wardrobe. Just jeans and a tank, but of course I couldn’t go again without locking a collar on.

cheating collar

Hawk will notice that I cheated here.

Once there, the crowd looked like any other night at any other bar. I’ve heard grumbling that Woody’s is becoming a straight bar and Black Eagle is becoming the default men’s bar now, losing it’s real leather/kink bar status, and that seemed evident tonight. Or maybe a broader appeal is just the consequence of running a popular event? So I was happy that I hadn’t committed to wearing anything risque.

I quickly discovered that there were different atmospheres to be found. The front area was very run-of-the-mill gays in mostly casual dress. Upstairs was darker and quieter with a stand-around-and-drink vibe. Even the backroom was completely dead; full of people, but nothing happening worth of the name. The real fun, I found, was in the back part of the main floor. This is where the music was and where the younger crowd was having fun. Walking back there I immediately felt that this is where I would have to start taking some clothes off.

I gave into that overwhelming desire to strip, and soon I was in nothing but tight red trunks and that collar. Even knowing that there would people I knew around who would see, I had to give in. Five weeks of sexual energy will make a guy do things like that. I wasn’t the only one either; there wasn’t a lot of action, but there were definitely blow jobs happening here and there and I did get to watch one hot guy in a harness getting fucked.

When they announced last call I was about ready to leave, but the friends I had come with found me and convinced me to go back for just a few more minutes. I had been on edge most of the evening, and when I noticed we had ended up beside the party’s host Deviant Otter naked and getting blown by some guy, my inhibitions were low enough that I pulled my trunks down and started jacking off watching it right there in the middle of the dance floor.

The guy blowing Otter moved to start rimming him, at which point Otter took note of me and reached off to start jerking me off. I knew it would be way too easy for me to blow my load all over him, and even though it would be a memorable way to spend my February cumshot, I thought I didn’t want to waste the opportunity and got down on my knees instead. I think my friends were still nearby, and who knew who else might have been in the crowd to see at that point, but fuck it, it’s TRADE, and I wanted to suck that guy off in front of everybody.

I didn’t stay at it long, but long enough to be happy that I had done it. So, like I said, it was a pretty good night.

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This morning I went to brunch with a friend, and he mentioned that was trying not to masturbate for a while. “How long has it been?” I asked.

“Three days.”

… that’s cute.

Tonight will mark one full month since the last time I came. This is the longest I’ve ever gone since I first learned how.

The effects have been pretty interesting. I wouldn’t say I’m in a constant state of arousal, but the threshold to get me there is pretty low. I do feel a bit like my sexual spidey senses have been heightened. I am much more aware of guys around me, whether they might be cruising (e.g., my numerous trips to the gym sauna), exchanging looks, and I find I respond much more readily. I’m more bold too; once over the summer I was with a friend who was completely conspicuous in his checking guys out, and he said he figures that there’s not really anything to lose if the guy catches you. I’m usually much more discreet, trying not to let anybody see that I might be interested, but I’m coming around to that friend’s way of thinking a lot more. How am I going to hook up with him if I don’t let him catch me cruising him?

Of course there are downsides: I have to be careful I don’t go further than is wise or appropriate in any given situation (e.g., I am horny enough to jerk off in the open in the gym sauna no matter who is around, but I know not everybody is going to appreciate that) and despite wanting to do everything I have to hold back so that I don’t push myself over the edge. Last night in the showers there was a guy checking me out and I wanted to jerk off for him, but after two or three strokes I had to stop. And every time I’m at home, naked, looking at porn or chatting with guys online (especially Hawk!), the urge to cum is close to overwhelming. It’s hard to focus on anything else at times!

Despite the fact that it is now officially February, though, I don’t plan to cum right away. I’m certainly not going to waste it jerking off, but where it ends up is yet to be determined. There are quite a few events coming up—Trade, the Northbound fetish night, and the BlacKKnighT leather ball—any of which might be fun venue to unleash over 31 days of cum (assuming they are open to sex at the event, which is true of the first but maybe not the others). Plus the option of having Hawk himself get it out of me on video for xtube, or letting that guy I’ve been crushing on fuck it out of me like he promised.

Regardless how it happens, February feels full of possibilities!

Number of times cumming in 2014: 2 (only 10 left!)
Time without cumming: 30 days, 17 hours
Longest time without cumming: 30 days, 17 hours
Current time locked in chastity: 0 days, 0 hours
Cumulative time in chastity: 4 days, 9 hours
Longest time locked in chastity: 3 days, 3 hours
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Last night I went to the TRADE party at Black Eagle for the first time. The basic premise, as we were warned by the bouncer before going in and told again by the host, abeardedboy, as we entered, was simply that everybody should be free to do what they want where they want without worrying what anybody else around thinks. Basically that means no dress code and have sex wherever you damn well please. (Interestingly, despite that extra freedom the dark and hidden backroom was full to capacity for a good portion of the night and very little sex was witnessed elsewhere.)

I wore a leather harness under a black t-shirt, and a nasty pig jock (with my chastity cage) under jeans. On the walk there I wasn’t sure how much I was going to leave on or take off once I got to the bar. When I got there I glanced around quickly to gauge the general level of dress and decided to lose the T but kept the jeans on. At the time, that’s what I was comfortable with, but later, especially as I saw others dressed in less, I started to wish that I had dropped the jeans too. Of course if Hawk had been there there wouldn’t have been a question about it, but on my own I’m much more self-conscious. (To be honest, I still would be self-conscious with Hawk there, especially when I ran into other people I know outside of a sexual context, but he wouldn’t have let me acquiesce to that feeling.)

At one point, I watched a group of hot guys enjoying each other’s company in one corner of the room by the DJ and go-go boys. By that of course I mean dicks out, hard, jerking, fucking, and sucking. These were some hot sluts and, though I’m pretty sure most of them knew each other already (I could be wrong), it was still awesome the way they just embraced their sexual sides and went at each other on the spot. It was all about having fun, not about conforming to what somebody else thinks sex should be. It’s both an attitude I want to emulate and a quality I’d like to have in the people I surround myself with.

Finally, I must say, I was very jealous of the three or four guys I saw with chain collars locked on. Hawk knows this. I am sure that while it may take a while to work on the first three points, this one he may rectify shortly.

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