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It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I don’t have much in the way of action stories to tell (all the exciting bits from the last two or three weeks are all under embargo to protect the innocent), but Hawk has been pushing me to post more pics on twitter so I thought I’d add them here as well.

Current time without cumming: 25 days, 20 hours

The last few days I’ve been spending my evenings edging and it’s making me go crazy. Any time Hawk texts me now I instantly get into that head-space where I want to do something daring and exciting for him. So when I say he’s been pushing me to post pics, it feels more like he is just telling me what I already know deep down I need to do. It’s an intense feeling that only comes when I am right on the edge, knowing I can’t go over.

Running tights

Running as an excuse to wear spandex in public.

Riding dildo

Testing my new camera app.

On edge

On edge POV

No pants

Putting off putting pants on as long as possible

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Back in my first post I said that not cumming for a while would, among other things, make me more submissive. I need to clarify that statement.

Yes, it may make me willing to submit to some of the more daring things Hawk or others suggest, but that’s at least as much because I’m more willing to give in to what I want to do without over thinking it as becoming more submissive generally.

Another obvious side effect is that it makes me really want to cum. But it’s not just that; after about a week the need to cum started to transition into this need to make it really worth the wait. Jerking off is fun an all but I’ve been saving up this load for two weeks now and I want to make it count. And that means I want to fuck you.

Time without cumming: 14 days, 6 hours

Now since it’s been so long, I don’t expect I’ll be able to hold off very long once I get inside. I also know from experience, though, that after this long shooting once isn’t going to completely release the pressure, which means after I cum inside you once I’m going to keep going, for longer and harder, until I fill you up a second time.

The downside to this feeling is that I know since I won’t be able to back off from shooting my load once I get inside some hot little slut, I can’t really risk indulging in fucking anyone until at least February. What was once a desire to jerk off for the sake of making it count but knowing I can’t has transitioned to being ok with not jerking off but wanting to fuck instead, and still knowing I can’t.

I haven’t decided if, given this state, what follows will help me relieve the tension by living vicariously through my past self, or if it will only tease me with more of what I can’t have, but in honour of this feeling I posted my first video on xtube under the name TheRealGregNaked. It was filmed in September so this cumshot is a freebie. Enjoy.

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