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Let me clarify one thing: only cumming 12 times does not imply that I’m only going to have sex 12 times.

When I got back to Toronto, a friend invited me to join him at Steamworks, you know, for the soothing hot water in the baths. Totally G rated.

Despite having spent two weeks out of town, horned out of my mind most of that time, and really craving a lot of action, I knew going in that after just flying across the country and hauling my luggage around on public transit, I wasn’t going to be up for very much.

My friend and I hung out for a bit chatting in the hot tub, and wandered around a bit together, but eventually started taking little side trips on our own to see what was up.

Cruising the baths is always sort of strange. Walking around the halls there were some of the usual sights: other guys making laps, some standing at the end of a hall watching others going by, doors open with asses pointed out looking to be filled, and some guys sitting on beds jacking off. Every once in a while all these disparate bodies would clump together as something interesting was happening almost like a bunch of ants on a caterpillar. What a flattering comparison, eh?

Of course I can’t judge…. I admit I was the caterpillar once or twice that night.

In one of the dark rooms I was felt a couple hands on me as I felt my way through the hall. Looking back I saw two guys, one latino one black, both good looking, and both already stroking. I stepped back into a corner and got on my knees, switching back and forth between the two. The black guy had a huge cock, but the kind that always seems too big and thick to actually get hard. The other guy was hard, but seemed more interested in watching me suck the black guy. This was one of the times where there were half a dozen other guys behind them watching and clogging the hallway. I decided I wasn’t really into it, stood up, and left, leaving the ants to scatter.

Later in the steam room, I sat on a bench, towel open, playing with myself a bit. Another guy, taller than me and tough-guy looking, probably late 30s, sat opposite me one level higher. Of course, I watched him jacking off and eventually made eye contact. He stood, and with his cock about a foot in front of my face I knew what to do. He didn’t last long, and after only a minute I felt him push my head off and heard the sounds of cum hitting the floor.

I circled back to the dark room again and just loitered there a bit. There was a really cute white guy who was obviously very shy and not sure what to do. I kept looking his way and like a ninja cat he kept coming a little closer. I think he wanted physical contact more than anything, and held one arm around me tight face to face while the other went reaching under my towel. We jerked each other off for a while like that. Later, when he came, he was holding my head tight and made me swallow every drop. After he stood in a daze like he was completely exhausted and couldn’t move. I gave him a hug, said thanks and told him to have a good night, and went on my way.

At one point wandering around the halls, I passed a room with a guy in hockey gear—helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, jock, gloves, shin pads—jerking off. I was intrigued so I went in to see what was up. He was very verbal and very into the hockey thing. “Yeah suck that hockey player cock! You like hockey player cock!? I’m a fucking maple leafs player, suck that hockey cock!” Yeah, that was enough. I said “ok, thanks, see you around” and left. I mean really, say “hockey cock” ten times fast and tell me you’re still turned on.

These encounters were all happening between bouts of wandering the halls, sitting watching some porn, and just chilling in the hot tub, so by now I was actually pretty bored and thinking I was ready to go. Going for one last wander, I saw a buff young asian guy going into the dark room and decided to follow him in. He seemed interested, so I went up to him and we started groping each other a bit. He had a really nice cock, probably 7″, nice consistent girth but not too thick, and a nice curve upward. I sucked him off a bit but he was very non-reactive, just standing there. I stood up and looked at him, still holding his cock, wondering if he was going to actually do anything. After a second he said “Want to take a break?” and not really sure whether he was suggesting or asking, figured it wasn’t going anywhere so said “sure”, and wandered off.

After that, I decided I was done, got dressed, and headed home. Despite having half a dozen cocks in my mouth, I’d still say nothing much exciting happened. All sort of “testing the waters” blowjobs that didn’t go anywhere (even though two guys came). Dogs sniff asses to get to know each other, I guess I suck cocks for the same reason.

By the way, it occurs to me that writing this in only my first week of blogging may give the impression that I’m trolling bathhouses every week. Really on average I tend to go no more than once or twice a year, since these kinds of nights are often duds. The hot tub is nice, though.

Written January 7th

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