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It occurred to me that by this time in any other year since probably 1996 or 1997, I would have already cum at least 12 times, give or take a day. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve averaged about twice a day ever since I learned how (by mimicking a back and forth motion I saw some kids making with their fist; I’ve always been a scientist and I wanted to do an experiment to see what happened if I did the same motion…)

Back in middle school and high school I used to jerk off in the shower every morning, and before bed too. My parents joked about how I took really long showers, and I wonder if they knew. Certainly if one day my son starts taking 30 minute showers I’ll know exactly what’s going on. Often at night I would jerk off in bed, but occasionally I would do it in other parts of the house or even the back yard. I was definitely a scientist by about age 12, and turns out I got off on public sex almost as early.

There was a brief time after high school when I don’t think I was able to do twice a day as regularly, though even in my first year of undergrad my roommate spent most nights at his girlfriend’s place so I had a lot of freedom to do what I wanted. Though I find it hot the idea of roommates catching each other jerk off, I wasn’t quite that much of an exhibitionist yet (but oh if I could go back in time).

After first year, when I had my own bedroom again, my routine quickly stepped back up to normal (if it had ever really dwindled that much). Sure there were days when I wouldn’t jack off, or would do it only once, but most days was at least two and I did three probably as often as I did zero. My record in a day is around 6 or 7, and since I like to really build up, that means probably a solid 8 to 12 hours jerking. The internet is a wide and wonderful place.

I have noticed in the last year or so that I don’t jerk off as much as I used to. I guess I’m getting old (compared to being 14, I mean). But even that means still averaging 4 or 5 times a week. And still plenty of times where I would jerk off but not cum, for reasons such as not finding anything worth getting off to or getting distracted by other things.

Nonetheless, after all of that, it’s January 7th. I’ve only cum twice. And I won’t cum again until February. This is going to be a big adjustment.

Number of times cumming in 2014: 2
Time without cumming: 5 days, 20 hours
Time locked in chastity: 2 days, 13 hours
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I have a photo of myself trying to pull down someone’s pants with big red mittens on. It is a little ridiculous looking.

I’m from a relatively small town and so when I visit home for Christmas, it’s usually a given that not much exciting will happen. This year, however, things were oddly active on grindr. I chatted with a bunch of people and had some really good possibilities for hooking up. I even got a blowjob from someone I went to high school with which blew my mind a little bit too. (There were no gay people in high school.)

Anyway, a couple days before New Years I got an email from someone who had visited my dudesnude profile. Normally I don’t pay attention to those—I think if you’re going to try to meet guys from dudesnude the least you can do is get a profile for yourself—but with the promise of a kinky threesome and me not having had any action in weeks, well, I was intrigued.

It turned out this guy and his bf were both huge exhibitionists, and were planning on taking me out into the woods and having their way with me. It was cold as fuck that night but I did it. We walked out into the woods behind their place through some trails until we were far enough that no nearby houses could see, and instantly their cocks were out. They didn’t even say anything, I just felt a hand on my head pushing me down to suck on the other guy’s cock. We all had out cocks out in the snow and traded blowjobs there for a few minutes, but pretty quickly it just got too damn cold, and we decided to head back for the warmth of their shower.

Both of them were really dom and it was really turning me on. As soon as we got inside, “You, strip, leave your clothes here, the shower is downstairs, we’ll be down in a minute.” In the showers the two of them were turning me around this way and that, making me suck one cock then the next, and one guy started pissing on me and into my face without any warning whatsoever. Just how I like it. And yeah I drank it all down.

After drying off they led me into another room where I got on my knees, ass up. The video camera was started off to one side and soon there was a dick in each end. (Unfortunately they told me later that none of the videos turned out, so don’t even ask.) I wanted them to tag team me, but the one I was sucking was really thick and I didn’t think I had it in me right then. They didn’t fuck me for long; pretty soon the one who was on top decided he wanted a turn, so climbed into a sling and I made him suck me while his boyfriend plowed him. Several times I had to pull away and relax a bit since I was so close to cumming. Eventually, the guy getting fucked couldn’t resist anymore and shot his load all over himself, and the bf pulled out just as he was cumming to add his load to the mess.

Both of them knew it was my turn to get off, and suddenly their dom sides started to fade. I stood in the center of the room (video camera still rolling) while the guy who had just gotten fucked sucked me off. Blowjobs can be hit and miss for me, but I really liked grabbing his head and face fucking him. His boyfriend cheered him on, and eventually got on his knees too so the two of them could make out over my cock.

Watching that and going from one mouth to the other is when I knew it was time to blow my first load of the year. I tried to aim onto the guys face but I was so worked up that I overshot and I could hear the first two or three shots splattering on the floor a few feet behind him. Luckily there was plenty left to coat his face. (Again, unfortunately, I’m told that the video didn’t turn out, as we were too preoccupied with getting ourselves off to pay attention to lines of sight.)

I did, at least, get a few pics of me sucking cock in the snow.

IMG_3194 cropped

What a great way to ring in the new year.

Written January 6th

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