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After just over three days, I had to unlock my chastity cage and give myself a bit of freedom. I woke up with a bit of pain in one spot and thought it was a bit of pinching or something. Later on in the day, though, my skin started to feel pretty raw around the bottom of the base ring, and I figured there was a bit too much friction going on.

With the cage itself off, I can move the cockring a lot easier and was able to move it off the part that was chaffing. (Normally the weight of the cage makes it pull downward more than a cockring alone would.) Unfortunately, as soon as my cock felt freedom it started to get hard, and so the ring itself wasn’t coming off any time soon! Of course, I couldn’t help taking some time to re-familiarize myself with what jerking off feels like.

I'm free!

It’s a good thing I kept a spare key for this kind of situation, but I hope as the year progresses I get used to it and learn whatever tricks are necessary to prevent this kind of thing. Though even if I have to take it off every couple days, it’ll still be a big help in making sure I don’t bust my load earlier than I’m supposed to. The temptation is too much!

In the meantime, to distract myself from all of that, I tried updating my stats page, and found this weird thing going on. Can any PHP wizards tell me why

date("Y-M-d", mktime(8, 30, 0, 01, 05, 2014));

prints “2014-Jan-05”, but

echo date("Y-M-d", mktime(11, 45, 0, 01, 08, 2014));

prints “2013-Dec-31”?

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