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I woke up hard and horny this morning as usual. 18 days since I last came. It was about 6am when I woke up, and even though I could be sleeping in on this Saturday morning, my hard on wasn’t having it. It needed attention.

As is my usual routine I went online, I got into a really fucking hot conversation with a really hot guy on dudesnude, talking about getting naked in public. If half the stuff this guy said he’s done is true, he’s got balls.

He wanted to meet up with me and make me strip for him.

Then let’s go for a walk… I will say strip now! And no matter who can see you you have to take your shorts off, then shirt. You will not have underwear or shoes. Flip flops only. You will walk while stripping and hand them to me. I will decide when and where you are not naked.

I was rock hard and he knew it, but he wanted proof that I was actually going to be willing to do what he said when he said it.

I need you to do a dare for me today to prove your obedience. I want your to take a fully nude fully erect selfie anywhere outdoors and public. No private patio or enclosed backyard… that’s cheating.

You will send your pic to me via SMS text by no later then 7pm.

Normally when guys order me to take pics for them it doesn’t work for me; I really have to be in the mood for it, and I have to be into the particular pic he wants. This time, both were right on the money. I knew if I was going to take a pic like that I wouldn’t be able to do it later in the day. It was 6:30 am now; this is as quiet outside as it’s going to get.

I already had a place in mind. I put on a plain white T-shirt, thin gym shorts (no underwear), and flip flops, and was out the door with keys in one hand and phone in the other.

Once outside I walk for a bit until I find the secluded corner I had in mind to try this. I was pretty sure I couldn’t be seen from anywhere, and nobody was around on the street. My shirt came off and I threw it down onto the pavement as I approached where I knew my shorts would be coming off. Already I’m turned on just being out in public without a shirt. I get my camera app ready and start thinking about how I’m going to do this. Starting to watch for people, thinking how quickly I can get my shorts off, where I’ll throw them to be out of the shot but still handy to get back on quickly if I need…. then I remember I’m also supposed to be hard for this pic.

Ok, I thought, getting hard isn’t going to be a problem after 18 days, but I want to be ready when the shorts come off. So still with shorts on, I start jerking off through the material.

Fuck, I realize, this is actually going to be dangerous. I can feel myself getting close to cum and I’m not even hard yet.

Stop. Take a breath.

Ok, off the edge a bit, keep going, going to get rock solid for this pic, out naked in public….

Getting harder, getting closer again…

Fuck, too far, wait, stop, gotta relax….

FUCK! Too late, before I can even loosen my grip I realize I’m cumming already, right there in my shorts.

Fuck, my shorts! This is all I have to wear and after just two spurts it is already starting to soak through, dripping down the outside.

Without even thinking if the coast is clear, and still more out in the open than I was planning, I shuck the shorts down to my ankles and try to aim my still-cumming cock further out so it lands on the pavement instead of in my shorts. After 18 days there’s a huge load and all of it is coming out.

After I stop cumming I’m just in a daze for a second. Ok, gotta get a pic to prove that I was out here for that guy. So I snap a quick shot (it wasn’t a great one so it isn’t going online here, sorry) and pull up my shorts again. They are soaked. There’s a huge cum stain in the crotch and down one leg. And there’s nothing to do about it.

I start walking back along the sidewalk, pick up my t-shirt and put it back on on the way, hoping every hope I could that I wouldn’t pass anybody getting back into my building. Happily, I got lucky on that count and did manage to make it back to my apartment without being seen.

I sent the guy the pic I took, and I think he was overall satisfied though he did say he’d have to issue another, harder challenge for not being hard in it.

After that, of course, I lost a bit of my nerve and we never did follow through with meeting him. We are still in contact though so it may yet happen. Who knows what he’ll make me do in person… especially if he catches me after a few weeks again.

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Sucking cock

Happily the light was much better for this photo.

I don’t know whether it was because I was still on a high from swallowing that guy’s load yesterday, a rush of endorphins from the start of the long weekend, or both, but tonight I felt like I was in overdrive. I don’t think I’ll go into too many details this time, but suffice to say that by about 9 pm I had sucked off a hot thick latino guy in a park by my place despite the freezing temperatures (I tried to take a pic but there was not enough light), and by 11 pm I had a new video to post on xtube.

Thinking back on it I wonder if I was giving in a bit too much, and even now maybe admitting a bit too much by putting it on the record here, but having still not cum in weeks it just felt right. That’s a theme that continued a bit later when I started texting with Hawk, and he started saying things like this:

I think about forcing a collar on you all the time.

I want you to resign yourself to wearing a collar everywhere.

Last time he had locked the collar on me, we had negotiated that I would only wear it for a week, using the excuse that I had a date with a guy the next weekend and didn’t want to scare him off. When he unlocked it a week later, he told me to take the collar and the lock home, but kept the key for himself. I think he like the thought that if I caved and locked it back on, I wouldn’t have any escape without his permission. With that context, he sent this:

I feel like it’s time to lock it on you and keep it on, and if you want to talk logistics and fears we do that while it’s locked on you.

Throughout our whole conversation I was incredibly turned on, knowing he was right, knowing I wanted to feel the collar locked on and feel the significance of being his pup without any negotiations about end dates or when I might need the collar off for whatever lame excuse my nerves might want to come up with. Immediately after that last text, he said:

We can continue this tomorrow, I think it’s time for bed.

But I had to text back

Too late.

and told him to check twitter, where I had posted the evidence of what I had done by way of my first Vine. Turn on the audio and listen to that click.

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I have a photo of myself trying to pull down someone’s pants with big red mittens on. It is a little ridiculous looking.

I’m from a relatively small town and so when I visit home for Christmas, it’s usually a given that not much exciting will happen. This year, however, things were oddly active on grindr. I chatted with a bunch of people and had some really good possibilities for hooking up. I even got a blowjob from someone I went to high school with which blew my mind a little bit too. (There were no gay people in high school.)

Anyway, a couple days before New Years I got an email from someone who had visited my dudesnude profile. Normally I don’t pay attention to those—I think if you’re going to try to meet guys from dudesnude the least you can do is get a profile for yourself—but with the promise of a kinky threesome and me not having had any action in weeks, well, I was intrigued.

It turned out this guy and his bf were both huge exhibitionists, and were planning on taking me out into the woods and having their way with me. It was cold as fuck that night but I did it. We walked out into the woods behind their place through some trails until we were far enough that no nearby houses could see, and instantly their cocks were out. They didn’t even say anything, I just felt a hand on my head pushing me down to suck on the other guy’s cock. We all had out cocks out in the snow and traded blowjobs there for a few minutes, but pretty quickly it just got too damn cold, and we decided to head back for the warmth of their shower.

Both of them were really dom and it was really turning me on. As soon as we got inside, “You, strip, leave your clothes here, the shower is downstairs, we’ll be down in a minute.” In the showers the two of them were turning me around this way and that, making me suck one cock then the next, and one guy started pissing on me and into my face without any warning whatsoever. Just how I like it. And yeah I drank it all down.

After drying off they led me into another room where I got on my knees, ass up. The video camera was started off to one side and soon there was a dick in each end. (Unfortunately they told me later that none of the videos turned out, so don’t even ask.) I wanted them to tag team me, but the one I was sucking was really thick and I didn’t think I had it in me right then. They didn’t fuck me for long; pretty soon the one who was on top decided he wanted a turn, so climbed into a sling and I made him suck me while his boyfriend plowed him. Several times I had to pull away and relax a bit since I was so close to cumming. Eventually, the guy getting fucked couldn’t resist anymore and shot his load all over himself, and the bf pulled out just as he was cumming to add his load to the mess.

Both of them knew it was my turn to get off, and suddenly their dom sides started to fade. I stood in the center of the room (video camera still rolling) while the guy who had just gotten fucked sucked me off. Blowjobs can be hit and miss for me, but I really liked grabbing his head and face fucking him. His boyfriend cheered him on, and eventually got on his knees too so the two of them could make out over my cock.

Watching that and going from one mouth to the other is when I knew it was time to blow my first load of the year. I tried to aim onto the guys face but I was so worked up that I overshot and I could hear the first two or three shots splattering on the floor a few feet behind him. Luckily there was plenty left to coat his face. (Again, unfortunately, I’m told that the video didn’t turn out, as we were too preoccupied with getting ourselves off to pay attention to lines of sight.)

I did, at least, get a few pics of me sucking cock in the snow.

IMG_3194 cropped

What a great way to ring in the new year.

Written January 6th

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