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Sucking cock

Happily the light was much better for this photo.

I don’t know whether it was because I was still on a high from swallowing that guy’s load yesterday, a rush of endorphins from the start of the long weekend, or both, but tonight I felt like I was in overdrive. I don’t think I’ll go into too many details this time, but suffice to say that by about 9 pm I had sucked off a hot thick latino guy in a park by my place despite the freezing temperatures (I tried to take a pic but there was not enough light), and by 11 pm I had a new video to post on xtube.

Thinking back on it I wonder if I was giving in a bit too much, and even now maybe admitting a bit too much by putting it on the record here, but having still not cum in weeks it just felt right. That’s a theme that continued a bit later when I started texting with Hawk, and he started saying things like this:

I think about forcing a collar on you all the time.

I want you to resign yourself to wearing a collar everywhere.

Last time he had locked the collar on me, we had negotiated that I would only wear it for a week, using the excuse that I had a date with a guy the next weekend and didn’t want to scare him off. When he unlocked it a week later, he told me to take the collar and the lock home, but kept the key for himself. I think he like the thought that if I caved and locked it back on, I wouldn’t have any escape without his permission. With that context, he sent this:

I feel like it’s time to lock it on you and keep it on, and if you want to talk logistics and fears we do that while it’s locked on you.

Throughout our whole conversation I was incredibly turned on, knowing he was right, knowing I wanted to feel the collar locked on and feel the significance of being his pup without any negotiations about end dates or when I might need the collar off for whatever lame excuse my nerves might want to come up with. Immediately after that last text, he said:

We can continue this tomorrow, I think it’s time for bed.

But I had to text back

Too late.

and told him to check twitter, where I had posted the evidence of what I had done by way of my first Vine. Turn on the audio and listen to that click.

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At about 5 pm today I got this text message from Hawk:

Hey pup, it’s time to lock a collar on you. Long overdue.

Immediately my heart jumped and I started thinking of all these reasons why I couldn’t, who might see it, what people would think, blah blah blah… but very quickly I knew that he was right. It was time.

Within about 2 hours of receiving that text, I was on my way to meet him and I heard the click of the lock with almost no discussion.

We’ve talked about doing this before, and with several variations. One was that I should have one of either the chastity cage or the collar locked on at all times—if I wanted one off for whatever reason, the other would have to go on—or maybe the collar would have to stay on until I trained myself to stay in chastity for at least a week. This first time, though, we’re keeping it simple. It will stay on for a week. Period. No excuses. Collared.

Collared and naked

One week starts now.

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