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I was chatting with a guy on Grindr tonight who suggested I meet up with him for a workout date at a nearby gym, including some time in the sauna after. This guy was really hot—dark and scruffy type—and seemed to want more than just a hookup, so I decided to meet him and give it a shot.

This gym has a reputation for being even cruisier than the one I normally frequent, and during my workout I could see why; the scenery was sure top-notch! We actually did do a bit of a workout and chatted on and off while we did our separate things, until we decided to wrap it up and go in for a steam.

I wanted to have a quick rinse before going into the sauna. This guy was ballsy enough to follow me right into the private stall, not giving a damn for who might see, which was really exciting. Usually that’s a bit beyond my comfort zone (I like to keep my exhibitionism to audiences that I know are willing, and the standard locker room crowd usually doesn’t fall under that category) but this guy was hot enough and the gym cruisy enough that I had to let him.

The sauna itself was much much smaller than at my usual gym, only seating three. There was a young black guy in there already, so we sat beside him. Almost right away I got the sense that the black guy would fall into the “willing” category, but equally quickly an older guy came in who did not. Older guy stood against the wall facing perpendicular to the bench with the three of us on it; black guy to my left, hot guy I came with to my right. The black guy was pretty obviously playing with himself and getting hard, I think knowing that he was outside the older guy’s peripheral vision. Maybe I’m just more conservative but I didn’t think I was safe, so I just watched a bit out of the corner of my eye.

He wasn’t the guy I came here for anyway. My guy wasn’t into the other, so we took a break and tried out the steam room. This was much larger, and empty. I wasn’t very hot and steamy in there (yet) so popular generally not as popular as the sauna despite the space. Immediately the guy and I start making out, before even sitting down. He steps up onto the first bench, drops his towel, and lets me start sucking him off.

He sits on the top bench along one side near the corner and I take a spot on the next level down 90 degrees to him, so his cock is at eye level. He leans down and starts making out with me, and I’m rubbing his chest and legs, taking it all in. When I go to suck him off, he doesn’t let me get my hands on it, just my mouth. The way he shoved my hand aside each time was a really subtle way of putting me in my place that I really got off on.

After a few minutes we hear someone coming in, so I pull off, and he stumbles a bit pretending like nothing is going on. I’m sure we wouldn’t have fooled nobody, but it was the same black guy from the sauna anyway. I look over to my guy to see if he’s ok with continuing. I get a nod and an eyebrow raise, so I move back to sucking him off with the new guy watching.

Now I’m getting really turned on, sucking off this guy in the steam room with an audience. Soon his hands are on me too, jerking me off as I keep sucking. Eventually I pulled his hand off, which I think he may have taken as a sign that I just wanted him to watch, when really it was just because I was getting too close.

Then my guy leaned back over towards me and started reaching between my legs. In our original Grindr conversation he said he wanted to fuck me in the sauna, and even though I had said I probably wouldn’t be up for that the first time meeting him, I opened up a bit and let him get access to start fingering me.

I wanted to either stand up or move to the upper bench and raise my legs for him, but as he’s pushing his fingers into me we hear some of the staff in the locker room, and realize that they’re telling people the gym is about 10 minutes from closing. Part of me was thinking that means we need to step it up a notch and get ourselves off before they close, while the other (more practical) part realized that it was only a matter of minutes before someone checked to see if there was anybody still in the steam room.

Listening to that latter part, we got ourselves together and went to the showers. I went to the far end of the two rows of shower stalls to an empty one and again the guy I’m with follows me in and shuts the door. Fuck, this guy has balls! We start making out, and then he spins me around, bends down, and starts rimming me. This guy, I thought, is probably going to fuck me, right here, right now.

As hot as that sounded to me, and as much as I want to do something like that, I pulled him up and said I didn’t want anybody to see that there were two people in here.

“Nobody cares,” he said.


Maybe that was a pussy move. I won’t lie and say I wonder what might have happened if I didn’t stop things when I did. He went to his own stall after that, and the rest of the locker room experience was pretty much normal. With more making out and light jerking off, but mostly normal. I’m hoping we can workout again together soon!

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I was on the fence about going to the gym tonight, but at around 8pm I got an email from an exhibitionist friend saying he’d be there, so that settled it.

I wasn’t sure what time he was going to be there, but I figured I’d just go and try my luck. After my workout I stripped and walked into the showers, on my way glancing into the sauna and seeing that my friend was there buck naked, but with quite a few other people around.

I went to the showers first to rinse off the sweat from my workout, expecting to go join the guys in the sauna in a minute, but my buddy came out and took the shower right next to me before I was done. Even though there were one or two other people in the room, he faced the wall and started getting hard. I faced outward, with my eye on the door and the guy showering across from us, and whenever I could I reached out and grabbed his now rock hard cock. Whenever the other guys had their backs to us, we jerked each other off, or he grabbed at my ass. I wanted to suck him off but our positions weren’t right to let me keep an eye on the door while doing it. Happily the traffic was pretty low, though, and he both bent down to suck me off for a few seconds, and also got his cock up against my ass hole at one point. How fucking hot it would have been to feel him slide inside right there in the open, if only for a second!

I noted through this that I was able to get hard and jerk off without that feeling like I was too close to the edge that I’ve described before. I think either I’ve crossed some point where I just know I’m not going to be able to cum so I don’t feel the pressure to go over the edge, or that because I’ve been working all day instead of edging all day I’m just not as close to the edge as I usually have been. Anyway, I got fucking hard there in the open showers and loved it.

After a lot of grabbing and jerking each other, my friend looked like he was getting ready to cum. Standing facing the wall but turned towards me, and with my eye on the door, he jerked himself off while I rubbed the head of his cock and had my hand ready to catch his load. Luckily nobody came in as he went over the edge and I watched my palm fill up with his cum. As soon as he was done I dumped what I had caught into my mouth and swallowed. Not quite as hot as if I had swallowed it straight from the source but it still felt good to do.

I continued playing with myself, staying hard, and showing off, enjoying this new found ability to jerk off without worrying about cumming, but still didn’t let myself get too far. Six weeks and counting! Hoping to find the right scene to get off on soon, though.

Number of times cumming in 2014: 2 (only 10 left!)
Time without cumming: 42 days, 23 hours
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Today I was out and about in the afternoon, and since an upcoming change in my work schedule will make this usual for a weekday afternoon, I decided to finally stop by a well-known cruising washroom on the university campus to see what all the fuss is about.

It wasn’t too hard to find the washroom. It was a bit of a funny layout with four urinals, two on either side of a wall dividing the room. Three were taken, so I walked up to the fourth. I heard nobody pissing and very quickly I could tell the guy next to me was hard. Naturally, I took a step back and started to jack myself off too. I had a feeling the two guys on the other side of the wall were here for the same thing, so I wasn’t worried about being quiet. Sure enough, after a few seconds, I saw out of the corner of my eye one of the guys peer around the corner to see what was going on.

The guy beside me stepped back towards the stalls against the far wall, where the fourth guy opposite him could see, and soon he had stepped back as well. All four of us were there with cocks out, hard, and jerking.

Unfortunately, the washroom wasn’t completely deserted from casual users, and we were interrupted a few times. Each time we tried to act as casual as possible, but I couldn’t help but feel a bit like cockroaches scurrying away from the light. I think it must have been quite obvious to anybody coming in that something was up.

The scene of four guys jerking off for each other out in the open was really turning me on, and it was difficult for me not to cum. Mostly I just had to watch, but I felt awkward not participating. More than anything I wanted to just get on my knees and suck them all off. (Well, more than anything I wanted to do that AND have someone taking pictures). Among other reasons, we were getting interrupted a bit too often for me to be comfortable getting down on my knees there, though, so I decided to leave for the time being. Maybe I’ll try it again before the week is out. (I’m hard now fantasizing about going back into one of the stalls, stripping off all my clothes, and jerking with all the guys there!)

On my way home, I stopped off at a department store to do some shopping, and I couldn’t help but remember one time where I had sucked a guy off and swallowed his load in the washroom here. I remember being on my knees that time. The guy had cum rather quickly, and has soon as he did he was doing up his pants and walking out. I had just stood up, still tasting cum in my mouth, when some other guy walked in. Ten seconds slower and he would have caught us in the act. I don’t think this particular washroom was likely to be cruisy, so I didn’t bother going in (I had real shopping to do!) but I did notice a guy leaving the washroom at one point and thought to myself, “I wonder if I could have just given him a blowjob.”

Oh, and of course I couldn’t help but get completely naked in the changing rooms while trying stuff on:

Trying on clothes, almost

My last cruising stop of the day was later in the evening at the gym. I went and did a workout to make the visit legit (great motivation for keeping fit, I think) and then went to enjoy the showers and sauna. In the showers while rinsing off, I noted a large black guy in board shorts who had been standing in the showers when I had arrived was still there. I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say he was there the entire time I was, using the one shower. Normally hanging out that long means he’s checking guys out, but I didn’t detect any gay eyes, so who knows what he was doing.

There was one guy in the showers when I first got there who instantly I knew was checking me out, so I made sure he could see everything, and enjoyed watching him get semi hard. He was on his way out, though, so the show was short lived. Other than that, I’d have to say this is probably the first time I’ve used this particular gym that I have’t found somebody hanging out in the showers or sauna looking to jerk off. So that was a little disappointing. But, I’m kind of happy that the place isn’t a complete bathhouse. Irregular payoff is more satisfying to us than something regular anyway; more habit forming at any rate.

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I was sitting the sauna at the gym after my workout when I spotted this really cute guy coming into the locker room from the pool. Little pink shorts, short with this good solid build, shaggy black hair, beard, and big nerdy glasses. I mean, really fucking cute, as in half a second after seeing him I knew I wanted to see more of this guy.

He hung up his towel outside the sauna and walked into the shower room. After a minute, he came back out, hung up his shorts next to the towel, and walked into the sauna completely naked. This, I thought, is a good sign. God, what an ass he had climbing up to the top bench. The sauna has benches along two walls; I was at the end of one wall, and he sat on the other wall but closer to the corner such that I would have to turn my head a lot to check him out. I wonder if, in retrospect, that position was not an accident. I wanted to check this guy out so I glanced over trying to make it seem as casual as possible. He made some small talk about how there’s someone who adds scented oil to make the place smell like pine, and I was happy for the chance to look his way when responding.

I had been in there for quite a while so I stepped out to take a cold shower and rinse off. At this point I didn’t get any sense that he was cruising, so I was taking my time soaping up and cleaning off, not even sure if I was going to hang around or head home. Then he came out and started rinsing off in the showers. Seeing him again made me want to see more. This guy was really doing it for me.

So I rinsed off and went back into the showers. I was definitely sporting a semi at this point. While I was alone in the sauna, I took the opportunity to jerk off a bit. Now, remember, at this time:

Time without cumming: 24 days, 21 hours

and at this stage I’m at a point where even before I’m fully hard I start to feel like one extra touch or a strong breeze will push me over the edge, so I didn’t push myself too far.

Then Cutey McFuckable comes back in and takes his same spot. I’m half hard, legs open, not hiding anything. I noticed that he sits with no towel, legs apart, arms at his sides. I glance over a few times and one time when he catches me give him a quick smile. I rest my forearms across my thighs, which puts my hands close to my cock. I “adjust” myself once or twice and out of the corner of my eye see his hands have moved closer to his cock too. When not looking at him, I flex my dick a few times just in case he’s watching. Wanting to see what his hands are up to, I look over, make eye contact, and watch as his hand moves to his dick.

“You don’t mind?” he asks.

“Definitely not,” I say, as my hand moves to my own dick. Now we’re both jerking very lightly, casually, in the kind of way that if someone walked in (or walked by the large window along one wall) we could let go and it would only seem like we were adjusting or scratching an itch. But after about 20 seconds:

“Do you want a blowjob?”

GOD DAMN, I think. I love a guy who’s that direct, that quickly, in public, and again, did I mention how good looking I found him?

I said, “yeah. You’re not worried about that window?”

“No, just move over here and let me know if anybody passes”

I know I’m asking for trouble now, but I move closer to him at the corner and he’s moving onto my cock before I even know what’s happening. I’m watching out the window as he goes down on me right there in the sauna, but luckily nobody happens to be passing by and I don’t have to stop him.

Fuck, I think, I could cum any second if he keeps this up… and then I really do have to stop him. He pulls off very quickly as soon as I even start to indicate for him to stop, since he thinks someone is about to catch us, but I tell him “I’m too close to cumming.”

“You’re that excited?”

“It’s been a while since I’ve cum.” He just smiles at me and my brain explodes a little bit.

Just then, in quick succession, two other guys walk in. I guess it was good I stopped him when I did (although, more on those two guys in a minute). We were now sitting suspiciously close together; my knee was almost touching his, but he gets up and goes out to the shower. I wait a minute or so and then follow.

In the showers it’s just the two of us. I take a shower head with one in between us (I’m not quite brazen enough to take the one directly next to him in a room with a good 20 empty ones around like some others have done).

“Do you know anywhere around here?” he says, quiet enough that the guys in the stalls at the other end won’t overhear.

“Not really.”

“We could go upstairs.”

“What’s upstairs?”

“Top floor, it’s pretty empty.”

I want to do it so badly at this point. Public sex like that, finding new places to try it, the adrenaline of it, not to mention getting this particular guy on his knees…

I don’t think I responded, I just kept showering, cleaned off, checking him out and jerking off a bit keeping myself close to the edge but not too close. The two guys that stopped him from blowing me more in the sauna had now joined us in the showers so we couldn’t discuss where to hook up too openly any more anyway. We both finish up and move out of the showers and start drying off.

“Not tonight,” I told him, “I have to get going.”

I didn’t have anywhere to be, but I knew if I went with him he’d be swallowing my load pretty quickly, several days sooner than I was allowed to give it.

“We could go back in there,” he suggested, nodding towards the sauna, but just as he did, the two buzzkills went from the shower back into it, so that wasn’t an option anyway.

“Rain cheque,” I say.

He just gives me that killer smile, exuding this kind of confidence, saying “I know you want to” with his eyes, and walks away. After getting dressed, I start my way out of the gym, and stop on the front steps to type a text message when he walks by again.

“Just chilling here for a while?” he asks.

“No, just don’t want to type and walk at the same time.”

He glaces around quickly and says, from several meters away as if he were asking what time it was or which way Bay St was, “I really wanted your load.”

Fuck that smile.

“I want to give it to you, just can’t tonight.”

We exchanged a couple words about what times we are usually around, and that I really hoped to run into him again. Though, as we went our separate ways, in the back of my mind I wasn’t sure I’d ever really be able to give him that load, as much as I want to. To see my cum shoot across that face, in his scruff and over those nerdy glasses, coating that smile, out in public somewhere, would be amazing. Hopefully next time I run into him I’ll have something to feed him.

<sidenote> There’s something strange about those two guys who were going back and forth from the sauna and showers. One is a young thug looking guy, wearing big black shorts in the showers getting soaking wet. He kept looking around in a “sizing people up” sort of way, but also had his hand down the front of his shorts in the showers way more than normal. And he was going back and forth from the showers to the sauna often enough that I might have guessed he was cruising. But there was a second guy, much older and completely unattractive, who on the face of it had no connection with the younger guy, but seemed to always be in the same place. They never spoke or interacted as far as I saw, but I got this weird sense that the young guy was some kind of sub boy to the older guy. Or possibly a hired consort. Maybe I’m just reading into their body language with my own kinky biases, but I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for those two in the future. </sidenote>

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Tonight marks the end of our one-week experiment of me living with a collar locked on by Hawk. It was definitely an interesting experience.

Despite the fact that I mostly wore it under T-shirts or collared shirts, such that most people would only think it was a chain necklace if they noticed it at all, it was still kind of exhilarating knowing I was wearing a symbol of my submission to Hawk in public. He heavily encouraged wearing it with the lock showing so that some might pick up on the fact that it was more than just a fashion accessory. There was certainly no hiding it in the showers at the gym.

Collared at the gym

Collared at the gym, lock out and proud

Tonight I met up with Hawk so that I could be unlocked. I know he wanted to keep me collared, probably indefinitely. Immediately after entering his apartment he put me in mitts, locked on, and started stripping me. There were many times that I came close to cumming over the next hour or two, but there’s still at least another week before February. Hawk had no such restrictions, though, and added a few photos to his camera roll.

Before parting, he dressed me (still with mitts locked on so I was pretty helpless), bundled me up to go outside (which gave us the silly sense that I was a kid in kindergarten again), and took me out for a walk. He didn’t go as far as using a leash, but that may come in time.

Now since its winter, I’m sure 99% of people thought nothing of the mitts I was wearing. I doubt anybody noticed the locks. But, it’s an interesting thing to walk that line between public and private, to experiment with exposure and kinks like that. I have no interest in making other people unwilling participants in my fantasies. I don’t think wearing a chain around my neck crosses that line, but maybe a leash would have, and while there are some obvious things that would cross it, it’s still hard to see where that line is. At least I know there will always be plenty of contexts (i.e. where I know the audience is more appreciative) where boundaries can be pushed a lot further. And everywhere else it’ll just test Hawk’s creativity to see how he can make me keep feeling like his good pup.

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With my cage off, saw that as incentive to go to the gym. I say that because I know that Hawk (who I’m starting to think of as my trainer) has designs to make me keep the cage on even changing and showering in the locker room. So, while it’s off, I gotta take advantage of the freedom.

However, Hawk’s influence was still felt. This is my new gym towel, inspired by an idea he had to make sure I’m never covered up:

My new gym towel is a little small

I’m red-faced to prove that I actually went to work out, not just cruise the locker room.

That towel didn’t stay on long, anyway. Before my workout I had been chatting with a fellow exhibitionist on I told him I was going to the gym, and since he has a membership at the same one, said he’d come join me in the sauna.

After a quick shower, I went in and saw him and one other guy there; an older but still fit guy. Both of them sitting on towels but not covered up, letting everything hang out in the open for all to see. Just the way I like it, and just the way I joined them. There were other people around, but nobody stayed in the sauna with us for long. As we made small talk all three of us, as is apt to happen, gradually moved from quick glances and “adjusting” ourselves to pretty much blatant jerking off.

Importantly, let me remind you of something. At this point my stats page would have said:

Time without cumming: 8 days, 22 hours

So, I had to be very careful about getting too hard. After almost 9 days, I’m at a point where just getting hard makes me feel like I’m ready to burst. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing feeling, but one that’s really hard not to embrace (har har). I have pretty crap endurance for saunas anyway, so I went into the showers to cool off. Both of the guys eventually made their way there, and we continued showing off to each other. The guy I had been chatting with online took the shower right next to me and was fully hard, sticking up and out, in a way that makes my exhibitionist self go crazy. I absolutely love it when guys have the balls to do that in a public place. Don’t get me wrong, he was discreet about it when others were around, but when it was just the three of us he reveled in jerking it for us, or even letting me get my hands on it. And I did. I didn’t let him get his hands on mine for long (for obvious reasons), but he was just as happy exploring my ass a bit when he got the chance.

Once I was as clean as I was ever going to get, I decided it was time to move along, and broke up the party. The older guy wanted to come along with one or both of us somewhere, and though I love showing off to anybody who will watch and love watching anybody who wants to show off, he wasn’t my type. The other guy, too, suggested coming back to my place (just the two of us) but I decided to put that off until another night. I’m sure we will run into each other in the sauna again soon anyway!