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It’s now over 30 days since I last came and probably about a week until I will be allowed to. I’m into that stage where I start thinking about all my fantasies I want to make come true. My plan for 2015 is going to be to set 12 different challenges or tasks, and aim to complete one per month.

Before we get to that, the first rule: I am not allowed to cum unless somewhere else is in the room. I’m not going to put a limit on how much I’m allowed to cum, or how often, just that I’m not allowed to waste a load alone.

At first I thought I shouldn’t be allowed to cum by my own hand at all, but I want to allow for times when I jerk off in places like the showers at the gym. For the record outdoors will always be allowed since there’s always somebody outdoors. Places in my own building don’t count, though, so I can’t just run off to the stairwell every night.

I don’t have all 12 challenges yet, so I need suggestions. I’ve already solicited some of these from twitter — tweet me @gregnaked or comment here and I’ll consider them. So far contenders are:

* take a baseball bat up my ass
* get double fucked
* walk naked around Church Street during pride
* shoot a load out in the open at the beach (not hiding in the bushes)
* get a good video of me topping someone
* drink piss on the street at Folsom
* take part in the World Naked Bike Ride

Needless to say, all of these will be done with photo and video evidence. Two — Folsom and the WNBR — depend on specific dates, so really I should have more than 12 challenges ready to go in case I can’t make those events on those dates.

Send me suggestions and I’ll post a complete list (or at least, more complete), on the Jan 1st.

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A couple nudist/exhibitionist friends of mine were in town and asked about going to the naked beach for some showing off. I immediately jumped on board, and contacted Hawk and another exhibitionist friend to invite them along as well.

It was of course lots of fun being naked with these guys, especially with the other local friend of mine couldn’t help but get hard on the beach. And as hung as he is it was damn hot to see.

Though the water was nearly freezing, we did dare go in for a bit. Hawk really liked teasing me under the water. We were down at a quieter side of the beach but there were still boats around and definitely people along the shore could see us standing closer together than would be completely innocent. Needless to say he had me on the edge pretty quickly (at this point it was over a week since that incident on the street) but he wasn’t about to let me cum. Mostly I was just so turned on at him being bold enough to jerk me off just under the surface, knowing anybody could figure out what we were up to.

We took a break from the chilly waters — with surprisingly little shrinkage thanks to the extra support I had been getting to keep things fluffed up — and Hawk decided to send me for a walk in the woods. My clothes left behind with our bags on the beach, of course. No description of what happened there is really necessary, aside from the simple fact that I found plenty to entertain myself with back there. You can watch for yourself:

That wasn’t even the best part yet. After returning to the beach and relaxing in the sun a bit more with my naked friends, we decided to try the water one more time before leaving. Again, it was freezing, but this time I was motivating myself thinking that maybe Hawk would jerk me off again. I started getting hard just thinking about it and sure enough things started getting frisky under water. We’re in at most four feet of water, Hawk starting to jerk me off, and my other friend watching, getting hard himself.

There was one boat in particular that had four hot gay guys on it that I’m sure could have seen what was going on if they looked in our direction. I like to think I kept things pretty subtle, though I don’t think there can ever be anything really subtle about getting handjob a few meters of the shore of a not empty beach.

The whole feeling of being exposed and out in the open was getting me very close again. I told Hawk that he was getting me right on the edge, and he kept going. Soon I felt I was going to shoot. I was about to bust my load right here in front of everybody, with Hawk jerking me and my friend jerking himself watching, hard beneath the surface, and who knows who else wise to our game. Hawk didn’t stop, and as I struggled to maintain composure from the waist up, I passed the point of no return and seven days of cum was spilling into the lake, creating what basically looked like solid white ropes scattered in the cold water.

Right away my brain started to gain some senses back and I became aware of how close the three of us were standing together. No way anybody who noticed us out there wouldn’t have figured that something was up. I backed away a bit, while my friend still kept jerking his cock. I forget the details but I know Hawk got his hands in there to help out too. It didn’t take long before he started getting close to the edge too, except I don’t think there was any worry about composure from him. He was grunting and groaning more and more with each stroke, and when he finally went over the edge he let out this obviously orgasm-induced moan that I’m sure must have been heard halfway down the beach.

We all started laughing immediately as the reality of what he just did sunk in, though it seemed that we got away with it; even the guys in the boat not 5 meters away didn’t seem to take notice.

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This was an evening where Hawk basically said, let’s go for a walk and get you naked. A lot happened that night, and it was a really hot time all around, but I’m going to stick mostly to letting the photos speak for themselves.

I started in only a pair of short shorts (commando) and a tank. Right away, Hawk pulled the tank off—he didn’t ask, he just said it was coming off. For the rest of the night this is all I had on:

Nothing but short shorts

This is all I was allowed to wear the entire time

I wasn’t with Hawk for 5 minutes before he said, “hey, what’s that brightly lit area over there?”

Good lighting basically meant it was the first place I was going to get naked that night.


Just needed to toss my shorts off to one side

This was on a bit of a side street but still easily visible from the main strip. As I stood there I was watching the pedestrians go by hoping none of them would look this way since I was completely out in the open here. I didn’t stay naked long—you can see I didn’t even take my shorts off all the way—but it felt like ages. I started getting the feeling it was time to move on, and we kept walking. (Hawk was actually nice enough to give me my tank back to help calm my nerves since I was feeling particularly exposed after that, but he stripped it off again after just a couple blocks.)

We later were able to find a couple alleyways that were nicely off the beaten track, and this time Hawk made sure it all came off.

Everything off

Everything off

Exploring a bit more, we came across a particularly secluded alley, long and twisty with a dead end. I got really turned on here, feeling a bit safer. My clothes were dropped in one corner and we walked around a bit, me fully naked now, still visible from the streets in some places. I was so turned on by this I really felt like I needed to be used and taken advantage of.

Begging to be used

Begging to be used

I did get a bit of action in that alleyway but not nearly as much as I needed. That was the end of the outdoor photos, though. I didn’t get to cum, but we definitely did continue the adventure behind closed doors for a bit. I’m going to leave the rest to the imagination for now though.

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Church Street is packed with people this weekend for Pride — actually, since Thursday, when the streets were so full of pedestrians they had to close it to cars. Pedestrians win! The main event isn’t until tomorrow (Sunday), but again I couldn’t wait, so with a little coaxing from my friends I stripped down completely in the street. Always a huge rush to do that. It only lasted a few minutes though. After my friends took a couple pics (ones I promised not to share since it’s not just me in them, sorry), a cop who had been watching from the other side of the streetstrolled over:

“Having fun?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I replied a little sheepishly, knowing what was coming, but still probably grinning like an idiot.

“Have you made your point?”

“… yeah…”

“Ok, put your pants back on”


And I did, because I wasn’t there to cause trouble. Had it been parade day, or if I had kept moving and didn’t just stay by where all the cops happened to be standing, I’m sure I could have gotten away with it for much longer, but I still got my thrill.

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I was chatting with a guy on Grindr tonight who suggested I meet up with him for a workout date at a nearby gym, including some time in the sauna after. This guy was really hot—dark and scruffy type—and seemed to want more than just a hookup, so I decided to meet him and give it a shot.

This gym has a reputation for being even cruisier than the one I normally frequent, and during my workout I could see why; the scenery was sure top-notch! We actually did do a bit of a workout and chatted on and off while we did our separate things, until we decided to wrap it up and go in for a steam.

I wanted to have a quick rinse before going into the sauna. This guy was ballsy enough to follow me right into the private stall, not giving a damn for who might see, which was really exciting. Usually that’s a bit beyond my comfort zone (I like to keep my exhibitionism to audiences that I know are willing, and the standard locker room crowd usually doesn’t fall under that category) but this guy was hot enough and the gym cruisy enough that I had to let him.

The sauna itself was much much smaller than at my usual gym, only seating three. There was a young black guy in there already, so we sat beside him. Almost right away I got the sense that the black guy would fall into the “willing” category, but equally quickly an older guy came in who did not. Older guy stood against the wall facing perpendicular to the bench with the three of us on it; black guy to my left, hot guy I came with to my right. The black guy was pretty obviously playing with himself and getting hard, I think knowing that he was outside the older guy’s peripheral vision. Maybe I’m just more conservative but I didn’t think I was safe, so I just watched a bit out of the corner of my eye.

He wasn’t the guy I came here for anyway. My guy wasn’t into the other, so we took a break and tried out the steam room. This was much larger, and empty. I wasn’t very hot and steamy in there (yet) so popular generally not as popular as the sauna despite the space. Immediately the guy and I start making out, before even sitting down. He steps up onto the first bench, drops his towel, and lets me start sucking him off.

He sits on the top bench along one side near the corner and I take a spot on the next level down 90 degrees to him, so his cock is at eye level. He leans down and starts making out with me, and I’m rubbing his chest and legs, taking it all in. When I go to suck him off, he doesn’t let me get my hands on it, just my mouth. The way he shoved my hand aside each time was a really subtle way of putting me in my place that I really got off on.

After a few minutes we hear someone coming in, so I pull off, and he stumbles a bit pretending like nothing is going on. I’m sure we wouldn’t have fooled nobody, but it was the same black guy from the sauna anyway. I look over to my guy to see if he’s ok with continuing. I get a nod and an eyebrow raise, so I move back to sucking him off with the new guy watching.

Now I’m getting really turned on, sucking off this guy in the steam room with an audience. Soon his hands are on me too, jerking me off as I keep sucking. Eventually I pulled his hand off, which I think he may have taken as a sign that I just wanted him to watch, when really it was just because I was getting too close.

Then my guy leaned back over towards me and started reaching between my legs. In our original Grindr conversation he said he wanted to fuck me in the sauna, and even though I had said I probably wouldn’t be up for that the first time meeting him, I opened up a bit and let him get access to start fingering me.

I wanted to either stand up or move to the upper bench and raise my legs for him, but as he’s pushing his fingers into me we hear some of the staff in the locker room, and realize that they’re telling people the gym is about 10 minutes from closing. Part of me was thinking that means we need to step it up a notch and get ourselves off before they close, while the other (more practical) part realized that it was only a matter of minutes before someone checked to see if there was anybody still in the steam room.

Listening to that latter part, we got ourselves together and went to the showers. I went to the far end of the two rows of shower stalls to an empty one and again the guy I’m with follows me in and shuts the door. Fuck, this guy has balls! We start making out, and then he spins me around, bends down, and starts rimming me. This guy, I thought, is probably going to fuck me, right here, right now.

As hot as that sounded to me, and as much as I want to do something like that, I pulled him up and said I didn’t want anybody to see that there were two people in here.

“Nobody cares,” he said.


Maybe that was a pussy move. I won’t lie and say I wonder what might have happened if I didn’t stop things when I did. He went to his own stall after that, and the rest of the locker room experience was pretty much normal. With more making out and light jerking off, but mostly normal. I’m hoping we can workout again together soon!

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As of last Thursday it had been 78 days since I had last cum. I was starting to worry that the bar was being raised too high by letting it go so long, and was thinking about just releasing the pressure the old fashioned way. I could worry about doing something more memorable next round. On Wednesday, though, Hawk suggested something worth waiting for: a really cute friend of ours had arranged to get fucked by at least a couple guys in the backroom of the Black Eagle during Naked Night. This I wanted to see, and I wanted to be horny for it to appreciate every moment.

Being an exhibitionist, and part-time nudist (when the mood strikes), I love naked night. I love just hanging with people with nothing hiding and everything out in the open. I’d enjoy it even if there wasn’t a back room element, as that side of it usually isn’t very noteworthy anyway. Often it’s just a dozen or so guys around the edges of the room waiting for something to happen. This week it was quite full, though, with lots of blowjobs and jerking off.

When I first got there I found Hawk and his boyfriend in the back just standing around having a chat, though sex was in the air and all around us. They had been there a bit already, and I wasn’t really ready to jump right in, so I moved back out into the main bar to say hi to a few friends of mind I had run into on the way in.

Of course, I didn’t want to miss anything fun that was going on in the back, so made my way back eventually. This cute friend of ours claims that, despite the rumours, there wasn’t actually any planned rendezvous, so I might not be getting the show I was hoping for. As he, Hawk, and I were chatting though, this big hunk of a guy walked up to him and just said “Suck me off”. It was so hot to hear him just say “ok” and get down on his knees. I had no idea who this guy was but just seeing him take control like, and seeing this friend submit, was really hot.

There was a lot going on throughout the night, and I won’t describe all of it, but I enjoyed taking it all in. I didn’t, however, participate in much. I didn’t want to blow my load on some random blowjob. I came very very close, though, watching that friend—the one who claimed the rumours of him getting fucked that night weren’t true—get bent over a table in the center of the bar while another guy rammed in to the hilt. Fuck, the moans he was making as he was getting pounded, with the whole bar around him watching, made me rock hard. Hawk slide up behind me and that was it—between Hawk’s cock up against my ass, his hand on my cock, and the visual of these two guys fucking in the open, I was going over the edge.

But no, again, I didn’t want to cum like that either. If Hawk was going to push me over the edge, I wanted to earn it from him and cum when he told me to, not just because I was too close to the edge to handle it. So I backed away for a moment, and literally had to walk off to a corner, close my eyes, and take a few deep breaths to avoid exploding all over the table that guy was getting fucked on. (Thinking back on it, coating his face in it would have been a pretty hot way to go!)

All told I was there maybe a few hours, but that was the closest I came to cumming. After seeing at least a few guys get fucked, getting close to the edge several times, and catching up with some friends in a non-sexual way, I decided to call it a night and head home.

So, if cumming at the bar in front of everybody wasn’t enough, how did I finally blow it?

Just like I said I would — jacking off at home.

78 days of cum

This is what eleven weeks of cum looks like.

Now, of course there’s a lot more to tell about how exactly I jerked off and what pushed me over the edge in the end, but I think I’d already given enough detail for one night :) Suffice to say, it felt damn good, and worth the wait.

Note: I’m back-dating this a couple days as per my policy of keeping things in chronological order. Since I posted an update at the time it happened I’m just dating this back enough to precede a few other sexy encounters I’ll be writing about soon. Written on March 27th.

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I was on the fence about going to the gym tonight, but at around 8pm I got an email from an exhibitionist friend saying he’d be there, so that settled it.

I wasn’t sure what time he was going to be there, but I figured I’d just go and try my luck. After my workout I stripped and walked into the showers, on my way glancing into the sauna and seeing that my friend was there buck naked, but with quite a few other people around.

I went to the showers first to rinse off the sweat from my workout, expecting to go join the guys in the sauna in a minute, but my buddy came out and took the shower right next to me before I was done. Even though there were one or two other people in the room, he faced the wall and started getting hard. I faced outward, with my eye on the door and the guy showering across from us, and whenever I could I reached out and grabbed his now rock hard cock. Whenever the other guys had their backs to us, we jerked each other off, or he grabbed at my ass. I wanted to suck him off but our positions weren’t right to let me keep an eye on the door while doing it. Happily the traffic was pretty low, though, and he both bent down to suck me off for a few seconds, and also got his cock up against my ass hole at one point. How fucking hot it would have been to feel him slide inside right there in the open, if only for a second!

I noted through this that I was able to get hard and jerk off without that feeling like I was too close to the edge that I’ve described before. I think either I’ve crossed some point where I just know I’m not going to be able to cum so I don’t feel the pressure to go over the edge, or that because I’ve been working all day instead of edging all day I’m just not as close to the edge as I usually have been. Anyway, I got fucking hard there in the open showers and loved it.

After a lot of grabbing and jerking each other, my friend looked like he was getting ready to cum. Standing facing the wall but turned towards me, and with my eye on the door, he jerked himself off while I rubbed the head of his cock and had my hand ready to catch his load. Luckily nobody came in as he went over the edge and I watched my palm fill up with his cum. As soon as he was done I dumped what I had caught into my mouth and swallowed. Not quite as hot as if I had swallowed it straight from the source but it still felt good to do.

I continued playing with myself, staying hard, and showing off, enjoying this new found ability to jerk off without worrying about cumming, but still didn’t let myself get too far. Six weeks and counting! Hoping to find the right scene to get off on soon, though.

Number of times cumming in 2014: 2 (only 10 left!)
Time without cumming: 42 days, 23 hours
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With my cage off, saw that as incentive to go to the gym. I say that because I know that Hawk (who I’m starting to think of as my trainer) has designs to make me keep the cage on even changing and showering in the locker room. So, while it’s off, I gotta take advantage of the freedom.

However, Hawk’s influence was still felt. This is my new gym towel, inspired by an idea he had to make sure I’m never covered up:

My new gym towel is a little small

I’m red-faced to prove that I actually went to work out, not just cruise the locker room.

That towel didn’t stay on long, anyway. Before my workout I had been chatting with a fellow exhibitionist on truenudists.com. I told him I was going to the gym, and since he has a membership at the same one, said he’d come join me in the sauna.

After a quick shower, I went in and saw him and one other guy there; an older but still fit guy. Both of them sitting on towels but not covered up, letting everything hang out in the open for all to see. Just the way I like it, and just the way I joined them. There were other people around, but nobody stayed in the sauna with us for long. As we made small talk all three of us, as is apt to happen, gradually moved from quick glances and “adjusting” ourselves to pretty much blatant jerking off.

Importantly, let me remind you of something. At this point my stats page would have said:

Time without cumming: 8 days, 22 hours

So, I had to be very careful about getting too hard. After almost 9 days, I’m at a point where just getting hard makes me feel like I’m ready to burst. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing feeling, but one that’s really hard not to embrace (har har). I have pretty crap endurance for saunas anyway, so I went into the showers to cool off. Both of the guys eventually made their way there, and we continued showing off to each other. The guy I had been chatting with online took the shower right next to me and was fully hard, sticking up and out, in a way that makes my exhibitionist self go crazy. I absolutely love it when guys have the balls to do that in a public place. Don’t get me wrong, he was discreet about it when others were around, but when it was just the three of us he reveled in jerking it for us, or even letting me get my hands on it. And I did. I didn’t let him get his hands on mine for long (for obvious reasons), but he was just as happy exploring my ass a bit when he got the chance.

Once I was as clean as I was ever going to get, I decided it was time to move along, and broke up the party. The older guy wanted to come along with one or both of us somewhere, and though I love showing off to anybody who will watch and love watching anybody who wants to show off, he wasn’t my type. The other guy, too, suggested coming back to my place (just the two of us) but I decided to put that off until another night. I’m sure we will run into each other in the sauna again soon anyway!


It occurred to me that by this time in any other year since probably 1996 or 1997, I would have already cum at least 12 times, give or take a day. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve averaged about twice a day ever since I learned how (by mimicking a back and forth motion I saw some kids making with their fist; I’ve always been a scientist and I wanted to do an experiment to see what happened if I did the same motion…)

Back in middle school and high school I used to jerk off in the shower every morning, and before bed too. My parents joked about how I took really long showers, and I wonder if they knew. Certainly if one day my son starts taking 30 minute showers I’ll know exactly what’s going on. Often at night I would jerk off in bed, but occasionally I would do it in other parts of the house or even the back yard. I was definitely a scientist by about age 12, and turns out I got off on public sex almost as early.

There was a brief time after high school when I don’t think I was able to do twice a day as regularly, though even in my first year of undergrad my roommate spent most nights at his girlfriend’s place so I had a lot of freedom to do what I wanted. Though I find it hot the idea of roommates catching each other jerk off, I wasn’t quite that much of an exhibitionist yet (but oh if I could go back in time).

After first year, when I had my own bedroom again, my routine quickly stepped back up to normal (if it had ever really dwindled that much). Sure there were days when I wouldn’t jack off, or would do it only once, but most days was at least two and I did three probably as often as I did zero. My record in a day is around 6 or 7, and since I like to really build up, that means probably a solid 8 to 12 hours jerking. The internet is a wide and wonderful place.

I have noticed in the last year or so that I don’t jerk off as much as I used to. I guess I’m getting old (compared to being 14, I mean). But even that means still averaging 4 or 5 times a week. And still plenty of times where I would jerk off but not cum, for reasons such as not finding anything worth getting off to or getting distracted by other things.

Nonetheless, after all of that, it’s January 7th. I’ve only cum twice. And I won’t cum again until February. This is going to be a big adjustment.

Number of times cumming in 2014: 2
Time without cumming: 5 days, 20 hours
Time locked in chastity: 2 days, 13 hours
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I have a photo of myself trying to pull down someone’s pants with big red mittens on. It is a little ridiculous looking.

I’m from a relatively small town and so when I visit home for Christmas, it’s usually a given that not much exciting will happen. This year, however, things were oddly active on grindr. I chatted with a bunch of people and had some really good possibilities for hooking up. I even got a blowjob from someone I went to high school with which blew my mind a little bit too. (There were no gay people in high school.)

Anyway, a couple days before New Years I got an email from someone who had visited my dudesnude profile. Normally I don’t pay attention to those—I think if you’re going to try to meet guys from dudesnude the least you can do is get a profile for yourself—but with the promise of a kinky threesome and me not having had any action in weeks, well, I was intrigued.

It turned out this guy and his bf were both huge exhibitionists, and were planning on taking me out into the woods and having their way with me. It was cold as fuck that night but I did it. We walked out into the woods behind their place through some trails until we were far enough that no nearby houses could see, and instantly their cocks were out. They didn’t even say anything, I just felt a hand on my head pushing me down to suck on the other guy’s cock. We all had out cocks out in the snow and traded blowjobs there for a few minutes, but pretty quickly it just got too damn cold, and we decided to head back for the warmth of their shower.

Both of them were really dom and it was really turning me on. As soon as we got inside, “You, strip, leave your clothes here, the shower is downstairs, we’ll be down in a minute.” In the showers the two of them were turning me around this way and that, making me suck one cock then the next, and one guy started pissing on me and into my face without any warning whatsoever. Just how I like it. And yeah I drank it all down.

After drying off they led me into another room where I got on my knees, ass up. The video camera was started off to one side and soon there was a dick in each end. (Unfortunately they told me later that none of the videos turned out, so don’t even ask.) I wanted them to tag team me, but the one I was sucking was really thick and I didn’t think I had it in me right then. They didn’t fuck me for long; pretty soon the one who was on top decided he wanted a turn, so climbed into a sling and I made him suck me while his boyfriend plowed him. Several times I had to pull away and relax a bit since I was so close to cumming. Eventually, the guy getting fucked couldn’t resist anymore and shot his load all over himself, and the bf pulled out just as he was cumming to add his load to the mess.

Both of them knew it was my turn to get off, and suddenly their dom sides started to fade. I stood in the center of the room (video camera still rolling) while the guy who had just gotten fucked sucked me off. Blowjobs can be hit and miss for me, but I really liked grabbing his head and face fucking him. His boyfriend cheered him on, and eventually got on his knees too so the two of them could make out over my cock.

Watching that and going from one mouth to the other is when I knew it was time to blow my first load of the year. I tried to aim onto the guys face but I was so worked up that I overshot and I could hear the first two or three shots splattering on the floor a few feet behind him. Luckily there was plenty left to coat his face. (Again, unfortunately, I’m told that the video didn’t turn out, as we were too preoccupied with getting ourselves off to pay attention to lines of sight.)

I did, at least, get a few pics of me sucking cock in the snow.

IMG_3194 cropped

What a great way to ring in the new year.

Written January 6th

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