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So, time to come clean.

I had done really well through the first part of the year, but lately I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit. I’ve cheated a few times and been jerking off (yes, all the way) more than I should.

There was an incident right before pride where I was checking out this really hot guy on xtube by the name of sabulum and just couldn’t keep it in any more. Especially with this video:

Something about how nervous he seems, but still goes through with what his dick is telling him to do, talking himself through it, and showing everything in the process, is really really hot. Even better that he’s so damn cute, and in that video locked in chastity too. Can’t help but wonder what the story there is. The videos of him leaving his apartment building buck naked also really got me off.

So, including my “bonus” cumshot, that would be my 8th load of the year.

Except, well, I did have a couple weaker moments earlier in the year, because of the problem I described in this post. These were always right after another cumshot, though, so really all part of the same event. So really when I say eight times cumming so far, I really mean that I’ve cum on 8 different days. And only 8 different days. For my own sanity I think I have to give myself a few hours grace period like that—which, for the record, I’ve only made use of twice, and still try to avoid—to keep up with the spirit of this whole challenge of going as long as possible between each orgasm.

Anyway, that happened back on June 24th, but here we are in July. There were a couple more times this week, once two days ago and once tonight, where I really have no excuse other than just jerking off to porn only and not having the self control I needed. So, those are shots 9 and 10. Without really any explanation. Totally a waste! Though it felt good at the moment I know it would be been so much more fun to save them up.

As part of all this, I revamped the Stats page a bit, so that I now have a table of each individual day that I’ve shot a load, plus how long it had been since the last one, and a link to the post where I describe what happened. I think this setup will be easier for me to keep up to date, which means it’ll keep me honest!

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I was sitting the sauna at the gym after my workout when I spotted this really cute guy coming into the locker room from the pool. Little pink shorts, short with this good solid build, shaggy black hair, beard, and big nerdy glasses. I mean, really fucking cute, as in half a second after seeing him I knew I wanted to see more of this guy.

He hung up his towel outside the sauna and walked into the shower room. After a minute, he came back out, hung up his shorts next to the towel, and walked into the sauna completely naked. This, I thought, is a good sign. God, what an ass he had climbing up to the top bench. The sauna has benches along two walls; I was at the end of one wall, and he sat on the other wall but closer to the corner such that I would have to turn my head a lot to check him out. I wonder if, in retrospect, that position was not an accident. I wanted to check this guy out so I glanced over trying to make it seem as casual as possible. He made some small talk about how there’s someone who adds scented oil to make the place smell like pine, and I was happy for the chance to look his way when responding.

I had been in there for quite a while so I stepped out to take a cold shower and rinse off. At this point I didn’t get any sense that he was cruising, so I was taking my time soaping up and cleaning off, not even sure if I was going to hang around or head home. Then he came out and started rinsing off in the showers. Seeing him again made me want to see more. This guy was really doing it for me.

So I rinsed off and went back into the showers. I was definitely sporting a semi at this point. While I was alone in the sauna, I took the opportunity to jerk off a bit. Now, remember, at this time:

Time without cumming: 24 days, 21 hours

and at this stage I’m at a point where even before I’m fully hard I start to feel like one extra touch or a strong breeze will push me over the edge, so I didn’t push myself too far.

Then Cutey McFuckable comes back in and takes his same spot. I’m half hard, legs open, not hiding anything. I noticed that he sits with no towel, legs apart, arms at his sides. I glance over a few times and one time when he catches me give him a quick smile. I rest my forearms across my thighs, which puts my hands close to my cock. I “adjust” myself once or twice and out of the corner of my eye see his hands have moved closer to his cock too. When not looking at him, I flex my dick a few times just in case he’s watching. Wanting to see what his hands are up to, I look over, make eye contact, and watch as his hand moves to his dick.

“You don’t mind?” he asks.

“Definitely not,” I say, as my hand moves to my own dick. Now we’re both jerking very lightly, casually, in the kind of way that if someone walked in (or walked by the large window along one wall) we could let go and it would only seem like we were adjusting or scratching an itch. But after about 20 seconds:

“Do you want a blowjob?”

GOD DAMN, I think. I love a guy who’s that direct, that quickly, in public, and again, did I mention how good looking I found him?

I said, “yeah. You’re not worried about that window?”

“No, just move over here and let me know if anybody passes”

I know I’m asking for trouble now, but I move closer to him at the corner and he’s moving onto my cock before I even know what’s happening. I’m watching out the window as he goes down on me right there in the sauna, but luckily nobody happens to be passing by and I don’t have to stop him.

Fuck, I think, I could cum any second if he keeps this up… and then I really do have to stop him. He pulls off very quickly as soon as I even start to indicate for him to stop, since he thinks someone is about to catch us, but I tell him “I’m too close to cumming.”

“You’re that excited?”

“It’s been a while since I’ve cum.” He just smiles at me and my brain explodes a little bit.

Just then, in quick succession, two other guys walk in. I guess it was good I stopped him when I did (although, more on those two guys in a minute). We were now sitting suspiciously close together; my knee was almost touching his, but he gets up and goes out to the shower. I wait a minute or so and then follow.

In the showers it’s just the two of us. I take a shower head with one in between us (I’m not quite brazen enough to take the one directly next to him in a room with a good 20 empty ones around like some others have done).

“Do you know anywhere around here?” he says, quiet enough that the guys in the stalls at the other end won’t overhear.

“Not really.”

“We could go upstairs.”

“What’s upstairs?”

“Top floor, it’s pretty empty.”

I want to do it so badly at this point. Public sex like that, finding new places to try it, the adrenaline of it, not to mention getting this particular guy on his knees…

I don’t think I responded, I just kept showering, cleaned off, checking him out and jerking off a bit keeping myself close to the edge but not too close. The two guys that stopped him from blowing me more in the sauna had now joined us in the showers so we couldn’t discuss where to hook up too openly any more anyway. We both finish up and move out of the showers and start drying off.

“Not tonight,” I told him, “I have to get going.”

I didn’t have anywhere to be, but I knew if I went with him he’d be swallowing my load pretty quickly, several days sooner than I was allowed to give it.

“We could go back in there,” he suggested, nodding towards the sauna, but just as he did, the two buzzkills went from the shower back into it, so that wasn’t an option anyway.

“Rain cheque,” I say.

He just gives me that killer smile, exuding this kind of confidence, saying “I know you want to” with his eyes, and walks away. After getting dressed, I start my way out of the gym, and stop on the front steps to type a text message when he walks by again.

“Just chilling here for a while?” he asks.

“No, just don’t want to type and walk at the same time.”

He glaces around quickly and says, from several meters away as if he were asking what time it was or which way Bay St was, “I really wanted your load.”

Fuck that smile.

“I want to give it to you, just can’t tonight.”

We exchanged a couple words about what times we are usually around, and that I really hoped to run into him again. Though, as we went our separate ways, in the back of my mind I wasn’t sure I’d ever really be able to give him that load, as much as I want to. To see my cum shoot across that face, in his scruff and over those nerdy glasses, coating that smile, out in public somewhere, would be amazing. Hopefully next time I run into him I’ll have something to feed him.

<sidenote> There’s something strange about those two guys who were going back and forth from the sauna and showers. One is a young thug looking guy, wearing big black shorts in the showers getting soaking wet. He kept looking around in a “sizing people up” sort of way, but also had his hand down the front of his shorts in the showers way more than normal. And he was going back and forth from the showers to the sauna often enough that I might have guessed he was cruising. But there was a second guy, much older and completely unattractive, who on the face of it had no connection with the younger guy, but seemed to always be in the same place. They never spoke or interacted as far as I saw, but I got this weird sense that the young guy was some kind of sub boy to the older guy. Or possibly a hired consort. Maybe I’m just reading into their body language with my own kinky biases, but I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for those two in the future. </sidenote>

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