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I dropped two more loads this week and there’s really not much to say about them unfortunately.

The first on Thursday was chatting with an exhibitionist friend online on Thursday, taking about all the crazy stuff we want to do, fueled up a bit by my story of cumming in the lake the previous weekend.

The second was really just a lazy Saturday afternoon. Like how I used to spend a lot of my Saturdays, if there wasn’t anything specific to do I’d just jerk off all afternoon. I still do that a lot except now if I go too long I start getting way too tempted… and yesterday I just didn’t have the will power. So that’s two more cumshots.

The third and last for the week was because I was going back to fill in some of the backlog of the blog, and in writing up my post about sabulum on xtube, couldn’t help but jerk off again watching his videos. His cute smile when he finally gets his speedo back in this one is what set me over the edge this time.

Clearly, in case you haven’t noticed, even if you exclude the one I had called a bonus cumshot earlier in the year, I’ve cum more than 12 times now. Nonetheless, the spirit of the challenge continues! I’m going to try to keep it to about once a month for the rest of the year, and see how that goes. I’m aiming now to keep it under 20 total.

I just need to find something else to do with my weekends…

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