My Fuckit List for 2015 is up. 16 tasks in all, I must finish one per month all year. The full details will be kept up to date over here, but the list as it stands right now is:

1. Get double fucked again
2. Get a good video (a few min at least, clear faces, cum shot) of me topping someone
3. Get fucked outdoors
4. Make a video getting spitroasted
5. Make a bukkake video with at least 5 cocks
6. Appear in professional porn (half points for at least submitting an application)
7. Take a baseball bat up the ass
8. Make a hockey themed version of the baseball pic
9. Get a pic with pants down to my ankles at the urinals of a public washroom
10. Walk naked down Church Street at Pride
11. Ride in the World Naked Bike Ride
12. Shoot a load out in the open on the beach (not in the bushes)
13. Shoot a load on a plane, train, or bus
14. Drink piss and/or shoot a load on the street at Folsom
15. Get pissed on at the beach
16. Drink someone’s piss from a beer bottle at a bar

Which one should be first?