After the last home stretch of 40 days, the big finale of my 2014 challenge was on January 5th.

I missed the original challenge by a factor of two, and bit of fudging from when I decided to give myself 24 hour pass each time I came, but it was still an intense and horny year. I got to cum on 24 days all year, which is on average slightly less than once every two weeks. My longest stretch was the first one at 78 days, and that’s a record that will likely stick around for a while.

The full stats have been archived here.

The next challenge has already been laid out, but it’s definitely a casual one this time around. I’m taking January off — which includes jerking off whenever I want to, which I think I’ve earned! — so probably won’t be updating too much about challenge progress until the summer. There’s quite a few things I know I can knock off on a good warm summer day! I won’t be posting regularly but I’ll still definitely post when I cross something off the list. Here’s to another challenging year!

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Since this challenge sort of fell apart in the summer and fall months, I’ve way over-shot my goal (har har) of only cumming 12 times all year.

I’ve decided I want to finish off the year right, though. So no cumming in December. I last shot a load on November 26th. And I won’t shoot another one until January. I’m about two weeks in and I’m starting to remember that so-horny-I’ll-do-anything headspace very well…

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So, I’ve been pretty distracted from the blog and the challenge with a really great thing.

Unfortunately that means I’m not able to write many updates these days! A lot of the stuff going on I just don’t feel at liberty to describe in all sorts of detail like I have other events… though if I do have any side adventures I’ll still try to describe those.

In the meantime, I’m still trying to keep from jerking off, and I’m still keeping track of every time I do cum. I’m up to 23, averaging about once a week lately. That’s often enough that it’s still really good when it happens but I don’t go out of my mind in the meantime. Maybe I’ll end up cumming 30 times in the year I turn 30.

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Church Street is packed with people this weekend for Pride — actually, since Thursday, when the streets were so full of pedestrians they had to close it to cars. Pedestrians win! The main event isn’t until tomorrow (Sunday), but again I couldn’t wait, so with a little coaxing from my friends I stripped down completely in the street. Always a huge rush to do that. It only lasted a few minutes though. After my friends took a couple pics (ones I promised not to share since it’s not just me in them, sorry), a cop who had been watching from the other side of the streetstrolled over:

“Having fun?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I replied a little sheepishly, knowing what was coming, but still probably grinning like an idiot.

“Have you made your point?”

“… yeah…”

“Ok, put your pants back on”


And I did, because I wasn’t there to cause trouble. Had it been parade day, or if I had kept moving and didn’t just stay by where all the cops happened to be standing, I’m sure I could have gotten away with it for much longer, but I still got my thrill.

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This weekend I spent the better part of a day in bed with a very sexy and attractive guy. I won’t record the details here to protect the innocent, but it does raise a few interesting questions. What’s the best way to navigate a new relationship given my current challenge, my simultaneously platonic and highly sexual friendship with/submission to Hawk, and the suite of kinks I still want to explore? Obviously a lot of this depends on the guy, but I wonder if it’s even possible. If he’s worth it something might have to give!

If nothing else this will test my commitment to being upfront about my kinks and experiences. I’ve already not said as much as I think I should have (even to the point of dodging questions that were a perfect opportunity to open up, as is my long standing habit) though I’m doing better than I have in the past. Guess there’s nothing to do but wait and see.

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