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After the last home stretch of 40 days, the big finale of my 2014 challenge was on January 5th.

I missed the original challenge by a factor of two, and bit of fudging from when I decided to give myself 24 hour pass each time I came, but it was still an intense and horny year. I got to cum on 24 days all year, which is on average slightly less than once every two weeks. My longest stretch was the first one at 78 days, and that’s a record that will likely stick around for a while.

The full stats have been archived here.

The next challenge has already been laid out, but it’s definitely a casual one this time around. I’m taking January off — which includes jerking off whenever I want to, which I think I’ve earned! — so probably won’t be updating too much about challenge progress until the summer. There’s quite a few things I know I can knock off on a good warm summer day! I won’t be posting regularly but I’ll still definitely post when I cross something off the list. Here’s to another challenging year!

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My Fuckit List for 2015 is up. 16 tasks in all, I must finish one per month all year. The full details will be kept up to date over here, but the list as it stands right now is:

1. Get double fucked again
2. Get a good video (a few min at least, clear faces, cum shot) of me topping someone
3. Get fucked outdoors
4. Make a video getting spitroasted
5. Make a bukkake video with at least 5 cocks
6. Appear in professional porn (half points for at least submitting an application)
7. Take a baseball bat up the ass
8. Make a hockey themed version of the baseball pic
9. Get a pic with pants down to my ankles at the urinals of a public washroom
10. Walk naked down Church Street at Pride
11. Ride in the World Naked Bike Ride
12. Shoot a load out in the open on the beach (not in the bushes)
13. Shoot a load on a plane, train, or bus
14. Drink piss and/or shoot a load on the street at Folsom
15. Get pissed on at the beach
16. Drink someone’s piss from a beer bottle at a bar

Which one should be first?