All posts for the month October, 2014

So, I haven’t been keeping up to date here with stories. I may yet back-fill some posts, but as of now the last post was two months ago. The stats page is still up to date, though.

I haven’t been keeping up to once-a-month, though back on October 1st Hawk did try to challenge me to not cum again until 2015. I think it’s a really hot idea and I want to do my best with it, but it hasn’t exactly worked yet…

One issue is that I’ve started something regular with someone, and he gets veto power. That’s what lead to cumshots #17 and #18. He’s very much into the idea of this challenge, but three months is a long time for him too!

The most recent was just a moment of weakness. As usual, the first couple days after cumming are the hardest. Your body remembers what it’s like to actually get that release, and wants more. Nonetheless I’m hoping from now to the end of the year the only times I cum are at the hand of either Hawk or the new guy. Which in a way was really what this challenge was right from the beginning, so no news there…

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